Oh The Places We’ve Gone!

New York City
  1. Asian Jewels Seafood Restaurant *dimsum
  2. Bao Haus *bao buns
  3. Bisous, Ciao. Macarons *for macaron day 2015 (jasmine green tea macaron)
  4. Bosie Tea Parlor *chef’s royal tea service
  5. Bouchon Bakery *for macaron day 2015
  6. Cafe Zaiya *green tea/black sesame soft serve
  7. Cha-an Teahouse *daily donburi lunch special
  8. CHALAIT *matcha latte
  9. Chobani SoHo *pistachio + chocolate sweet yogurt creation
  10. Dominique Ansel Bakery *frozen s’mores + cookie shots + cronuts
  11. Dominique Ansel Kitchen *the egg-clipse + cannele de bordeaux
  12. Don Antonio by Stratia *montanara starita
  13. Doughnut Plant *creme brûlée doughseed
  14. Eataly (I Panini) *la bufala
  15. Eclair Bakery *for macaron day 2015
  16. Eight Turn Crepe *lychee valentine + tofu edamame crepes
  17. Epicerie Boulud *for macaron day 2015
  18. Food Gallery 32 *bibimbop + lychee froyo
  19. FP Patisserie *macarons
  20. FPB Bakery *for macaron day 2015
  21. Golden Steamer *pumpkin steamed bun + char siu steamed bun
  22. Iris Tea & Bakery *taro cube
  23. Junior’s *new york cheesecake
  24. Kunjip *sanche bibimbob
  25. Lady M Confections *green tea crepe cake
  26. Ladurée *macarons + ispahan
  27. Lavain Bakery *chocolate chip walnut cookie
  28. Macaron Cafe *for macaron day 2015
  29. Macaron Parlour *for macaron day 2015 (cheetos macaron)
  30. Mad Mac Macaron *for macaron day 2015
  31. Magnolia Bakery *banana pudding + rockette cupcake
  32. Mille-feuille Bakery *macaron day 2015
  33. Momofuku Milk Bar *cereal milk soft serve
  34. New Flushing Bakery  *portuguese egg tarts
  35. Ochado *ramen
  36. Pie Pie Q Cafe *portuguese egg tarts
  37. Piece-A-Cake *caramel flan + slutty brownie
  38. Spot Dessert Bar *chocolate green tea lava cake + taro chiffon cake
  39. Sugar & Plumm *macaron day 2015
  40. Taipan Bakery *portuguese + hong kong egg tarts
  41. The Halal Guys *chicken and rice
  42. The Kati Roll Company *indian street food wraps (unda chicken + mixed veggie)
  43. The Original Chinatown Ice Cream Factory *lychee sorbet
  44. Three Tarts *s’mores
  45. Vanessa’s Dumpling House *panfried pork and cabbage dumplings
  46. Victory Garden *goat milk soft serve and gelato
  47. Vivi Bubble Tea *japanese matcha hot drink + popcorn chicken
  48. Wafels & Dinges *de throwdown waffle
Palm Beach/Wellington (Home turf!)
  1. Café de Beaux-Arts (Flagler Museum) *gilded age-style lunch
  2. Christopher’s Kitchen *veggie sushi + veggie burger + veggie pizza
  3. Coolinary Cafe *carrot cake inspired waffle + crab & corn beignets
  4. Oli’s Fashion Cuisine *tasting menu
  5. Palm Sugar *the palm sugar lava cake
  6. Patrick Lézé *macarons
  7. The Seafood Bar (The Breakers) *pistachio crusted salmon salad + key lime pie
Washington DC
  1. Baked & Wired *cakecups
  2. Chop’t Creative Salad Company *custom salad
  3. Georgetown Cupcakes *christmas caramel + sticky toffee pudding + gingerbread
  4. Pret A Manger *egg & bacon brioche + five-grain steel cut oatmeal
  5. Sprinkles *chocolate peppermint
  1. Bon Chon *korean fried chicken
  2. Flour Bakery + Cafe *sticky buns
  3. Georgetown Cupcake *pumpkin spice + vegan cranberry spice
  4. Mike’s Pastry *cannoli
  1. Carlo’s Bakery *cannoli + cake


  1. Ben’s Cookies *assorted dozen
  2. Inn The Park *elderflower and cucumber bubbly
  3. Patisserie Valerie *raspberry tart
  4. The Hummingbird Bakery *sticky toffee pudding + lemon meringue cupcakes
  5. Yo! Sushi *conveyer belt-style service
  1. Ladurée *macarons + ispahan
  2. Pierre Herme *macarons
  3. Sadaharu Aoki *éclair au sésame noir + citron praliné + bamboo matcha opera cake

McDonald’s around the globe
  1. Beijing, China 
  2. Barcelona, Spain *CBO
  3. London, England *sticky toffee muffin
  4. Paris, France *macarons
  5. Pisa, Italy *pistachio Mcflurry
  6. Rome, Italy *spinach and parmesan nuggets + mozzarella triangles
  7. Tokyo, Japan *yuzu Mcflurry
KFC’s around the globe
  1. Beijing, China *egg tarts
  2. Madrid, Spain *Boxmaster
  3. Paris, France *the B.O.S.S. + kream ball

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