Oahu in 5 Days

We recently got back from our b-day/my graduation trip where we spent 14-days in paradise. We first landed in Oahu, skipped over to the Big Island, and hopped back to Maui. At the time we left, COVID-19 still felt like a distant news headline, but since we’ve returned, the situation has escalated to say the least. Italy is graduating 10,000 senior medical students early to help combat the crisis in their country. In the States, many universities have moved their classes online for the rest of the semester. Near where I live in Miami-Dade, restaurants, movie theaters, and gyms have been ordered to close. All are drastic but vital efforts to prevent our health care system from becoming overwhelmed.

This is quite the apocalyptic contrast to my reality not so long ago. Of crystal clear water along the North Shore of Oahu where a Hawaiian green sea turtle basked in the sun. Or of sunrise off the west coast of Maui where a humpback whale and her calf swam within 20-ft of our boat. Mahalo Hawaii for sharing in your natural beauty and abundance. I hope to be back! In the meantime, I’ll have to be satisfied self-quarantining and documenting the memories.

I’ve put together some photo highlights in this post. You can find our full Oahu itinerary here!

To Eat


Leonard’s malasadas, hot & fresh!


Poi mochi (in front) from Liliha Bakery


Poke: Ono Seafood’s “shoyu” // Maguro Brother’s “ume shiso”


Giovanni’s garlic shrimp


Shiso ume spam musubi from Musubi Cafe, served warm


Loco moco, spam musubi, saimin, korean fried chicken salad from Zippy’s // Mix Plate from Rainbow Drive-In


Pineapple smoothie after Diamond Head hike


Shave ice: Waiola’s “Obama’s Rainbow” // Uncle Clay’s “Classic Rainbow”


Hula Pie at Duke’s Waikiki

To See


Rainforest surrounding Manoa Falls trail


View of crater rim (left) and Honolulu (right) from Diamond Head summit

IMG_8943 2

Views from Makapu’u Lighthouse trail summit


China Walls: cliff dive if you dare!


Pearl Harbor USS Arizona Memorial


Hanauma Bay, my favorite place in Oahu. Photos don’t do it justice!


Seal snoozing at Hanauma Bay

IMG_8947 3

Nu’uanu Pali lookout towards the windward side of Oahu


Waimea Falls with swimmers bracing for the cold


Crystal clear waters of Laniakea Beach


Hawaiian green sea turtle soaking in some rays at Laniakea Beach


Sunset with Duke at Waikiki Beach


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