Nana’s Green Tea Breakfast Bowl

New year, new habits. 2017 was a travel-filled year. Bahamas, Key West, New York City, Philadelphia, Nicaragua, Singapore, New Orleans, San Francisco, Orlando, Philadelphia again, Tampa, Key West again, and finally New York City.. again. But with an ever evolving schedule comes a constantly changing lifestyle. Exciting- yes. Good for good habits- no. So for 2018 (in line with having an important board exam at the end of the semester), I’m resolving to a new theme: healthy habits. Plan of attack? The triad: sleep schedule, meal prep, training plan.

This new recipe stems from that middle component. It’s inspired by one of my favorite desserts and thus I call it Nana’s Green Tea Breakfast Bowl. Matcha-blended yogurt takes the place of ice cream. Hearty German muesli with cornflakes (from ALDI) takes the place of pure cornflakes. Wild Maine blueberry jam (from Costco) takes the place of red bean paste. Finally, a sprinkle of golden ground flaxseed takes the place of kinako.

Cheers– to a new year and healthy habits.


Felicia and Fiona feat. matcha warabi mochi ice cream parfait (Nana’s Green Tea, Singapore)

Nana’s Green Tea Breakfast Bowl


4 servings


  • 32 oz whole milk plain yogurt*
  • 10 g (3 tsp) matcha powder
  • Muesli or cereal
  • Wild blueberry jam
  • Ground golden flaxseed


  1. In its original container, combine yogurt and matcha powder (makes 4 servings).
  2. In your breakfast bowl, scoop out 1 cup of matcha-blended yogurt.
  3. Top with ~1/3 cup muesli, ~1 tbsp blueberry jam, ~1 tsp golden flaxseed. Carpe diem.

*I tried Greek yogurt originally, but it was too tart for the matcha. Plus, the thinner consistency of regular yogurt goes better with the muesli and flaxseed.

IMG_5063IMG_5069 2

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