Beachside Brunch + Green Market

Although I’m only a thirty minute drive from the beach, I only ever go a few times a year. You’re probably thinking, “What a waste of resources!” Agreed; perhaps I shall make a new year’s resolution to go more often. Anyway, today was one of the rare occasions when Crystal and I actually went to the beach to meet up with our childhood friends, Maggie, Anita, and Angela. We’ve sort of made a tradition of having an annual beach picnic potluck, this time being the third of these get-togethers. We’ve had linner, lunch, and now brunch together beachside! Maybe next year will be breakfast. 😛

We ate our meal in courses, starting with the blueberry avocado muffins that I made. (More pictures and recipe link at the very end!) Having started with something sweet, next we moved onto the savory: Maggie and Anita’s kimbap and pigs in a blanket. Angela’s strawberry banana nutella crepes completed the sweets sandwich, while Crystal’s Jamba Juice Green Fusion smoothies (green apple, mango, pineapple, kiwi, banana, broccoli, spinach and spirulina) quenched our thirst throughout the meal.


Seventy degrees and partly cloudy, we were graced with ideal beach weather.

2015-01-03 18.13.072015-01-03 18.18.10

Although there were a few seagulls, attracted by the food, that kept hovering too close for comfort.

2015-01-04 09.14.06

After some long overdue time by the ocean, we contemplated where to go next. City Place with its shops, movie theater, and new bowling alley, was a nearby option, but then Angela remembered that there was a Green Market on Clematis Street every Saturday. And even though we had already eaten, anything food-related is always right up my alley!

From sizzling arepas to cutely decorated cupcakes, there were so many tempting food items for sale. Anita bought Korean beef jerky, and we all split a cone of freshly made apple cider donuts. We also got free iced drinks at the Keurig truck!

2015-01-03 18.24.012015-01-04 09.01.34

There was a flea market a block over so we spent some time there before making rough plans to visit each other at our respective colleges and parting ways. And so ends a quick recap of a fun, food+friends-filled morning!

Blueberry Avocado Muffins

I followed this recipe, using nonfat plain Greek yogurt over regular yogurt and substituting 50g of all-purpose flour (of the 250g total) with 40g fine cornmeal. These muffins are incredibly moist and have a pretty green tinge to them. Unfortunately, I couldn’t taste the avocado (although some people may find that a plus!).

2015-01-03 17.16.26 2015-01-03 17.57.30 2015-01-03 17.59.452015-01-03 18.09.44

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