Mung Bean Matcha Flower Pastries (菊花酥)

Crystal and I are all about presentation, so when we spotted this recipe for flower pastries, we knew we had to give them a try! Generally, there are two kinds of mooncakes, one with a soft, sweet skin and the other with a flaky one. These flower pastries are essentially the latter type that’s been remodeled into flower form.

2014-10-02 01.10.19

We chose to use a mung bean matcha paste instead of purple sweet potato, but really any filling that can hold its own shape will do. Other possibilities include, date paste, red bean, pumpkin, regular sweet potato, etc. Another adjustment was that we made each individual pastry smaller, but again the size is really up to you. There are quite a few steps involved in this process, but each step is fairly simple. See below for directions and pictures along each step of the way!


1.  Measure out each portion of water dough and oil dough. Flatten the water dough portion with a rolling pin, wrap it around the oil dough, and seal. Repeat for all portions.

2014-10-02 00.52.13 2014-10-02 00.53.38 2014-10-02 00.54.172014-10-02 00.55.122. Flatten each ball with the rolling pin into a long oval. From one end, roll the flattened dough to form the shape of a swiss roll. Repeat for each ball.

2014-10-02 00.55.55 2014-10-02 00.56.363. Flatten the swiss roll along its entire length and roll it up again. Repeat for each.

2014-10-02 00.57.29 2014-10-02 00.58.074. Stand the twice-rolled swiss roll onto one of its spiral ends and flatten it with the palm of your hand. Roll it out into a thin circle and wrap the filling inside. Place it sealed end facing down and repeat. (I wrap the filling and seal just like I do when making 豆沙包 red bean-filled mantou!)

2014-10-02 00.59.26 2014-10-02 01.00.22 2014-10-02 01.01.215. Flatten the ball into a disc with the palm of your hand. Use a sharp knife to make 10 equally spaced slits, leaving room in the center. Turn the slits so that the paste is showing and you form a flower. Repeat!

2014-10-02 01.02.062014-10-02 01.03.252014-10-02 01.04.206. Brush the pastries with egg wash and dollop jam in the center of each flower. Bake at 350°F for 16-18 minutes. A few minutes before removing from the oven, brush with another layer of egg wash if desired.

2014-10-02 01.05.05***** Tada!! *****

2014-10-02 01.07.44

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