Time for a Baby Shower!

It’s not everyday I get to say a post was inspired by a new family member, but this one most certainly was! In a few short months, Felicia and I are going to be aunts to our brother Ricky and sister-in-law Emily’s first born and boy (or perhaps I should say “girl”) are we excited! I’ve always loved giving gifts and taking on projects, so converting the guest room into a nursery and helping with food and decor for the baby shower were two very welcomed tasks.

2014-08-14 13.46.46

Project #1: Guest room turned nursery. Check!

Now there were so many things to do for the shower and so it’s a good thing we had Lauren (Emily’s good friend) to spearhead the operation. Although we usually just blog about food, Lauren did such a good job planning we thought it was worth sharing! We may have used these ideas for a baby shower, but they can really be adapted to fit any occasion.

2014-08-17 17.12.07

Strings of lanterns held afloat by a bundle of balloons (Up moment anyone?)

2014-08-16 18.11.1

Zoomed out view: Felicia and I came up with this idea, having done something similar for Emily’s bridal shower

2014-08-16 18.11.17 copy

Clothes pin display: practical decorations that won’t go to waste!

2014-08-16 18.11.3

Chocolates and candy bars are common favors. Shake things up with white chocolate popcorn!

2014-08-16 18.11.4

Chick-fil-a!!!! A lot of people don’t know they cater. Consider yourself in-the-know 😉

2014-08-17 17.18.23

Salsa bar

2014-08-17 17.16.13

Veggie platter

2014-08-17 17.21.48

Fruit salad

2014-08-16 18.11.6

12 different jars for your tastebuds to identify (and even a tiebreaker!)

2014-08-16 18.11.7

Guess who tied for 1st and then won the tiebreaker! (Proudly at the prize table)

2014-08-17 12.37.50

Teams of three try to make the best diaper. Felicia wore (and won!) this one for the team 😛

Of course, no event would be complete without cake!2014-08-16 18.11.16Although there’s nothing new here with this classic vanilla chocolate cake, I just had to include an obligatory sliced cake pic. And because one cake wasn’t enough…2014-08-17 17.24.22 2 Here’s to hoping for many more reasons to celebrate. ^_^

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