National Ice Cream Day: Mochi Ice Cream

Thanks to President Reagan, today’s National Ice Cream Day and we’re celebrating with perhaps one of the best hybrid foods out there, mochi ice cream! Granted, mochi ice cream is a little tricky to make (especially if your ice cream scoop just broke the other day…).  But given that they’re naturally freezer friendly, make a big batch today and you’ll be set for the rest of National Ice Cream Month!

2014-07-19 19.14.30

Experimenting with different kinds of liners. Conclusion: it all works

2014-07-19 19.15.11

Mochi cooked the microwave method

2014-07-19 19.27.57

And cue thunderstorms and dark lighting…

2014-07-19 19.29.03 2014-07-19 19.29.47 2014-07-19 19.30.512014-07-19 20.06.48ps copy

 Happy National Ice Cream Day!

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