Florence: Matcha-Dark Chocolate Covered Kiwi Pops

2014-06-25 14.46.31While in Italy, we ate a lotttt of gelato (hey this stuff was more ubiquitous than bottled water over there!). Every gelateria had the usual flavors (pistachio hazelnut, stracciatella…), but now and then we’d come across some more unique flavors and kiwi was one of them. However with no ice cream maker on hand, I wasn’t exactly jumping to make my own gelato anytime soon. But having discovered the mystique of frozen grapes last fall, I decided to give frozen kiwis a whirl with these Matcha-Dark Chocolate Covered Kiwi Pops! I gotta admit, I was a little skeptical that they’d freeze and become hard as hockey pucks, but I was never more happy to be wrong! In fact, the kiwi flesh even seemed to have softened a bit in the freezer! The result was an enriched kiwi tang concentrated in a velvety cloak of dark and matcha-white chocolate.  2014-06-23 22.55.19

Matcha-Dark Chocolate

Covered Kiwi Pops

Makes 4 pops2014-06-25 22.42.58


  • 1 kiwi
  • 4 oz dark chocolate
  • 1 tbsp shortening
  • 0.5 oz white chocolate
  • A pinch of matcha powder
  • 4 popsicle sticks
  • Parchment paper


Using a paring knife, peel the kiwi, cut off the ends, and cut cross sectionally into 4 pieces.
SONY DSCMake a small slit on the side of each kiwi round. Insert a popsicle stick halfway through and place on a plate lined with parchment paper. Freeze until solid (~30 min).
SONY DSCSONY DSCMelt chocolate and shortening over a double boiler and stir until smooth. Take off the heat.
SONY DSCSONY DSCSpoon the melted chocolate over each frozen kiwi pop. The chocolate will start to harden within seconds. Then place back on your parchment lined plate. Put back in the freezer as you prepare the white chocolate.
SONY DSCSONY DSCMelt the white chocolate in the microwave at 10 second intervals. Mix in enough matcha powder so you get a nice green color.
SONY DSCRemove kiwi pops from the freezer. Spoon matcha-white chocolate mixture onto the center of each round and spread with the back of the spoon.
SONY DSCSprinkle black sesame seeds in an oval ring and gently pat down any that don’t land flatly.

Keep in the freezer until ready to serve!

2014-06-25 22.46.402014-06-25 22.45.05SONY DSC

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