Playing Dress-up with Eggos

There are certain processed foods characteristic of our cooking-incompetent childhood days. For me, those foods span from Totino’s pizza rolls and mini hot dog or pizza Lunchables to instant mashed potatoes and El Monterey chimichangas. While I used to rely on these foods pretty consistently for a foolproof lunch, I haven’t eaten any of them in years! (Good thing too because they’re far from healthy!) Nonetheless, one childhood staple has kept its place as an occasional mini meal throughout the years, and that food is… Eggos! (I even had a “Leggo my Eggo” shirt in middle school.)

In an attempt to rationalize the “survival of the Eggo” in my current diet, I would say the main reason is probably its adaptability. Although intended as a breakfast item, Eggos really are a blank slate for any kind of open face “pizza,” for lack of a better word. Savory or sweet, toppings are pretty much endless. But enough of my Eggo plug, here are some ways to dress-up your Eggos:

1. Fresh fruit + nut butter (ahhh a classic)

Photo Jun 09, 10 24 25 PM

2. Egg + avocado + nut butter (protein, protein, protein!)


3. Mozzarella cheese + pepperoni + maple syrup (nonconventional yes but yummy nonetheless!)

Photo Jun 09, 11 30 14 AM

Photo Jun 09, 11 41 07 AM

4. Ice cream + nut butter (make sure the waffle is nice and warm so your ice cream can trickle into all the crevices)


Breakfast, brunch, or late night snack? Leggggoooo!

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