Dining Out in Philly: Sophomore Year Part II in 27 Pic Stiches (and More)

Woah, this is gonna be a long one. Here are the food highlights of year II semester II at Penn (in chronological order)!


Highlight: Moshulu S’more-  Sepia Chocolate Torte, House Made Graham Cracker, Smoked Salted Ice Cream



Highlight: Pekin Duck- Scallion Bun, Cucumber, Hoisin/ Salmon/ Soft serve


XIX Nineteen

Highlights: Chocolate Hazelnut Tart


Bobby’s Burger Palace

Highlight: L.A.- Avocado Relish, Watercress, Cheddar Cheese, Tomato


Vic Sushi Bar

Highlight: Tuna Dumplings/ i Roll/ Naruto Roll


Twelve Baskets 

Highlight: A Matcha Made In Heaven/ Raspberry Lychee/ Chocolate Peanut Butter Crumble

6Twelve Baskets

Sugar Philly

Highlight: Christmas flavors- Figgy Pudding

Valentine’s Day flavors- Chocolate Passion Fruit, Hazelnut Strawberry Basil, Raspberry Champagne

Girl Scout Cookie flavors- Samoa

The Courtesan Au Chocolat from Wes Anderson’s Grand Hotel Budapest

Sugar Philly Preceptorial(!!!) flavors- Green Tea Lime




7Sugar Philly The Courtesan Au Chocolat from Wes Anderson's Grand Hotel Budapest

7Sugar Philly Precep

Sweet Box Cupcakes

Highlight: Strawberries & Champagne/ Spodee Red Velvet Raspberry (sadly toppled in delivery O.o)

7Sweet Box Cupcakes

Garces Trading Company

Highlight: Pumpkin Seed Granola- Greek Yogurt, Roasted Pears, Pear Butter

Croque Madame- Prosciutto Cotto, Gruyère, Mornay, Fried Egg

8Garces Trading Company

La Fourno

Highlight: Cannoli!!!


Harvest Seasonal Grill & Wine Bar

Highlight: Quinoa Salad Stuffed Butternut Squash/ Pumpkin Tiramisu


Igor’s Bakery

Highlight: Ricotta Cannoli


Swiss Haus Bakery

Highlight: Sadly nothing really 😥 Everything was just too sweet!

12Swiss Haus

Shake Shack

Highlight: Declaration of Donuts Concrete- vanilla custard, Federal Donuts french toast fancy donut and banana

SmokeShack- cheeseburger topped with all-natural applewood smoked bacon, chopped cherry pepper, ShackSauce

14Shack Shack


Highlight: Salatim & Hummus with Laffa/ Tehina Semifreddo- tehina cookies, hot chocolate




Happily Ever After Dessert Cafe

Highlight: Belgian waffle w/strawberries and Nutella froyo

16Happily Ever After Dessert Cafe

Zento Contemporary Japanese Cuisine + Sake Bar

Highlight: Mexican Roll, Hang-on Salmon Roll, Angus Beef Roll, Lindan Roll, Tuna Pizza


Miles Table

Highlight: Tres Leche French Toast

18Miles Table

The Baker’s Jar

Highlight: Well only got the Dulce de Leche Brownie and it tasted pretty ordinary :/

19The Baker's Jar

 Post-Spring Break Crawl: Dinic’s Roast Pork and Beef + Federal Donuts + Four Seasons Juice Bar

Highlight: Dinic’s- Roast Pork, Sharp Provolone, Broccoli Rabe 

Federal Donuts- Chocolate Peanut Butter (Center City favorite- Strawberry Lavender)

Four Seasons Juice Bar- Carrot + Orange

21Reading Terminal Market

Audabon Bakeshop

Highlight: Key Lime Pie Macaron

23Audabon Bakeshop

Fling Brunch Crawl: The Farmacy + Cafe Renata + Carina Tea and Waffles

Highlight: The Farmacy- S’mores French Toast- Graham Cracker crusted French Toast, crème brûee butter,
Nutella & Marshmallow filling, Duck-fried potatoes

Cafe Renata: Shak Shuka- Three Eggs over Spicy Moroccan Salsa

Carina Tea & Waffles: Honey Matcha Waffle/ Lychee Fever

24 Farmacy Rx Cafe Renata Carina Tea and Waffles

Drexel + NYC Crawl: Yogurino + Zavino + Schmackary’s Cookies (NYC)

Highlight: Yogurino- Every topping combination with their froyo is a winner for me!

Zavino- Eh wasn’t a big fan of either pizza (The Stache/ Garden)

Schmakary’s Cookies- Funfetti/ Cookies & Cream

25Zavino Yogurino NYC Cookies

Audrey Claire

Highlight: Shallot crusted lemon sole w/ crispy sage and caper butter

26Audrey Claire

26Audrey Claire2

26Audrey Claire3

Modo Mio

Highlight: Gnocchi all’ Amatriciana- potato gnocchi, pancetta, spicy plum tomato

27Modo Mio

Creperie Beau Monde

Highlight: Customized crepe- Blueberry + lemon curd

28Creperie Beau Monde


Highlight: TNT Roll- Spicy crunchy mixed vegetables with tamago, confit tomato, and jalapeño cucumber salsa

(Another super yummy vegetable roll from last semester: Vegan Stephen- Tempura zucchini, avocado, kanpyo squash, eggplant, roasted pepper)

29 Pod

Chattime Hand Drawn Noodle and Japanese Cuisine

Highlight: Sweet Potato Tempura Roll/ Peanut Avocado Roll

30Chattime Hand Drawn Noodle And Japanese Cuisine


Highlight: Three Vegetable Lasagna- Layers of Roasted Eggplant, Carrots, Leeks, and Tofu smothered in our Home-made Marinara Sauce


Phew! And that’s all folks 🙂

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