Turning 20

20 is a weird age. You’re no longer a teen but not quite an adult either. On second thought, 20 is the best age because you’re no longer a teen but not quite an adult either! Today marked Crystal and I’s 20th b-days and not unlike most days was centered around freebies and food. Although free stuff is always fun to get, it’s even sweeter on your birthday! Below are some of the b-day freebies we claimed:

1) $10 at Godiva. We decided to spend our credit to finally get one of those fruit skewers! $8 is a hefty price for a sliced banana and strawberry drizzled in chocolate otherwise but it made for quite the yummy birthday treat.

2014-03-11 10.28.57-2

2) 1 oz. loose leaf tea at Teavana. I chose the Gyokuro Imperial green tea, which retails for $9.99 an ounce! Alternatively, you can opt for a free drink or food item from Starbucks (as Starbucks recently bought Teavana) but in my opinion, tea is way more worth it!

2014-03-11 13.58.08-3

3) Lipstick + mascara at Sephora

2014-03-11 16.14.20-2

4) $5 worth of froyo at Menchie’s & Red Mango. Still to be claimed actually but the offers are good for the entire month (as were the above ones)!

2014-03-13 12.27.32

*Update* Menchie’s = claimed!

For lunch we went to the newly opened Japanese seafood and sushi buffet, Osaka. For $10 a person, it was a solid and satisfying meal. What made the meal memorable though was their cutely decorated b-day dessert! The house music cut from a piano cover of Jay Chou’s “Qing Hua Ci” to the Happy Birthday song while our server presented us each with a lit candle atop a slice of obligatory birthday cake. Ahhh the bunny grapes!! And asparagus tree!!!

2014-03-11 12.33.29-1

2014-03-11 15.23.24

2014-03-11 12.03.37 (2)

They had cool decorations too. Like this sushi clock!

Lunch at Osaka was most definitely enjoyable but compared to Crazy Buffet, where we went for a “back-to-college-send-off” lunch at the end of last summer, I’d say Crazy Buffet wins in the food department.

2014-03-11 16.01.09

That egg drop soup, a staple of Chinese buffets!

As another aside, we went to Zahav (an Israeli restaurant in Philly) last week to celebrate our upcoming birthdays, our friend Dee’s decently recent past birthday, and our friend Amy’s fake birthday, where we were also surprised with candles and cake!

2014-03-04 20.26.43-1

As for our actual birthday cake we chose… neapolitan ice cream sundae cake!

2014-03-11 22.23.35 (2)

2014-03-11 22.26.52 (2)

Paired with noodles for dinner (the culturally conscious choice) our celebratory birthday was complete!

Or so I thought until Crystal surprised me with a present! Way to one up me there buddy!

2014-03-11 22.53.43

2014-03-11 23.39.39

And with a warm feeling at heart, so was the conclusion to a happy day.

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